Choosing Profitable Indexers — Graph Delegation Tutorial

Welcome to the Graph Network
Welcome to the Graph Network!

Let’s jump right into it.

Graph Network Page
Indexer list

Description of the most important metrics

Fee and Reward cut Percentages

Fee cut and rewards cut

Stake owned and delegated

Stake owned and delegated

Query fees and indexer rewards

Query fees and indexer rewards

Recommended Tools to evaluate indexers

Graphlets stats
Indexer without returns
0.00% returns

Here’s a high five for conducting your very first due diligence!

Graphlets stats
Overdelegated indexer

Strike! You’ve just learned to avoid another type of indexer

100% allocated stake
0% allocated stake

That’s it for the basics!

Using delegation reward calculators

But how do you compare the various indexers with each other?

Happy delegating everyone!

I'm no one.

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I'm no one.

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